@lonelysandwich made a spec spot for his favorite fastidious and persnickety beverage preparation device.

I found it throughly delightful and decided to make one of my own in the same style.

For about $100 you can have a piece of plastic in your kitchen that carbonates water. If you’re part of the 1% or something you can add in flavored syrups, but I prefer just the straight up bubbles. When you’re out of gas, you can get more carbonators from your local artisanal kitchen store (hi, @hillskitchendc). I didn’t even know this fanciful home-carbonation technology existed until a former roommate of mine put it in the kitchen last July.

I shot this on a 7D and cut it in FCP.

Special Thanks to Roommate Adam S. for helping out with a few things during the shoot.